Investment Engineering Corporation (IEC) develops innovative software solutions for serious traders. As a TradeStation Technologies, Inc. solution provider, IEC provides users with an array of PowerTools™ for TradeStation. These add-on PowerTools™ expand the limits of TradeStation  by adding new functionality and features such as automation, speech, monitoring,  systems, and communication between / among all studies and even with other programs.

In addition, IEC offers custom programming and consulting services. We have provided hundreds of solutions to difficult and "impossible" problems. Whether you need a DLL, or a stand along application, we can provide a solution.

Latest News:

HashNums Global Variables with Database Support

The industry leader in Global Variables now offers full database support for all 32-bit programs including, VB, VC++, TradeStation 8, eSignal, MetaStock and many more.


Instance Pattern Learning

This tool offers powerful pattern matching and pattern learning. Now available for all 32-bit programs including C++, TradeStation 8, eSignal, MetaStock and many more.

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